Rubberise Spray on Bin Lining

The spray-on polyurethane industry is renowned for spray-on load bin liners. For 30 years these products have been tested under the harshest of conditions and have been shown to offer superior protection for load delivery vehicles.

Because our liners are spray-applied and cures within 30seconds they can be built up to virtually any thickness with excellent inter laminar adhesion.

These linings offer several advantages when compared to drop-in liners:

  • No explosive or fire risk as – unlike drop-in liners – it does not build up static electricity;
  • Less maintenance as technically all drop-in liners need to be removed every six months to re-apply the tectyl coating for protection against corrosion;
  • Forms direct bond to surface giving and air- and watertight seal preventing corrosion;
  • Will not crack and warp from exposure to the sun; and
  • Cannot be stolen or work itself loose and cause accidents.

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