MacPower Batteries

The Macpower range of batteries is manufactured in accordance with the highest international quality standards and is currently being exported to 67 countries globally.
The smart battery range is a dynamic product exclusively patented by the European developers due to the inclusion of microchip technology.  The range encompasses utilisation in all forms of battery operated vehicles, machinery and various power systems such as vehicles for the disabled, military tanks and solar powered energy systems.
Further development and research into products utilising lithium ion are currently underway with the projected launch in 2014.  Macpower batteries are developed by specialists in the field with the focus on constant improvement, flexibility and absolute devotion to perfection.
We sell the following ranges of MacPower batteries – Prestige, Commercial, Automobile, Bus, AGM, Stop-start, Gel, Truck – Trailer, Agricultural, Traction, Monotruck


From batteries for boats and jet skis, to batteries for cars and quad bikes, Sabat Batteries has positioned itself as the lifestyle battery of choice.

There is goodwill for Sabat Batteries that extends into all areas of South African life as the heritage of the brand grew out of its historically massive distribution network. SABAT Batteries remains one of the best known and loyally supported automotive component brands.

Sabat Batteries has additionally developed a special relationship with Q.A.S.A, the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa. Members receive free batteries.

Sabat Batteries currently have a new fleet of branded vans which can be seen doing the rounds nationwide. The vans are a response to increased demand from the informal sector and serve the dual purpose of supplying batteries to this sector as well as fulfilling the role of mobile fitment where needed. Powertech Batteries has a strong legacy in the informal sector where Sabat Batteries in particular, has retained a loyal customer base.

Willard Batteries

With its manufacturing site in Port Elizabeth, Willard Batteries manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of premium quality automotive batteries to the OE, replacement and leisure markets

The premium IQ range offers better durability and performs in start/stop applications and comes with an extended warranty.

Via a sophisticated quick response code, the battery gives the customer access to our database directly from any smart phone allowing battery selection, registration and tracking

The emergence of environmental issues near the top of the global political agenda over the past few years has not escaped the notice of the business community..
Willard Batteries’ “Go Green, Go Willard” campaign – which encourages customers to bring in their scrap batteries for recycling – was borne out of this burgeoning consciousness. The recycling of potentially damaging waste lead-acid batteries, and the subsequent planting of trees in denuded urban areas, is a prime example of Willard Batteries’ “corporate responsibility” in the area of environmental protection.

The life cycle of a lead-acid battery follows a continuous, closed loop. When a scrap battery is collected and returned to Willard Batteries, its lead and plastic are reclaimed and directed to new battery manufacturing.

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